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The New "Cosmetic Veneer 360" (CV360)

We call it the "Cosmetic Veneers 360". If you are missing teeth or just want a brighter whiter smile, then the CV360 might just be the answer. When you meet people or if going for a job interview the CV360 will allow you to smile with confidence.

The CV360 needs no cement or denture cream. The design and materials allows the CV360 to fit snuggly over your existing teeth.

We used our IT Guy as a test subject. Believe it or not this grumpy old man has began to smile. For before and after pictures and more information click here!

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The Cosmetic Veneer 360 (CV360)


There is just a sense of satisfaction when a customer notices your efforts. One of our customers in Florida sent our General Manager, John Story, the following in an email.


You are a great friend and your organization is first class. I will never let you down on paying your company their due. The CEO, who I talked to, is a real example of the leadership and management of a machine. I'm thankful to have Global Dental Technologies as a part of my office.

Thank you.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Global Dental Technologies is to reduce patient chair time and create beautiful, long-lasting smiles, while rewarding dentists with lower lab costs. In a crowded marketplace of dental labs, it is crucial to have a dynamic team supporting all your dental efforts. GDT is proud to be a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization helping dentists across the U.S. to be successful.


  • To deliver consistent, quality dental restorations in a timely manner.
  • To provide the best customer service.
  • To reduce lab costs and improve profitability