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Ebola Safety Warning

With the Ebola break out in Africa and now with the US having an issue with a few people and Hospitals going on ALERT, I have to ask the question:

Are we all doing our part to keep each other safe?

I know that it is routine for the Offices as well as the Labs to disinfect their impressions before working on them or sending them out.

I am only writing this as a reminder of responsibility. Let’s all stay safe and do the required disinfecting of our impressions and We can at least say we have done our part, keeping each other safe.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Global Dental Technologies is to reduce patient chair time and create beautiful, long-lasting smiles, while rewarding dentists with lower lab costs. In a crowded marketplace of dental labs, it is crucial to have a dynamic team supporting all your dental efforts. GDT is proud to be a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization helping dentists across the U.S. to be successful.


  • To deliver consistent, quality dental restorations in a timely manner.
  • To provide the best customer service.
  • To reduce lab costs and improve profitability